Our Programs

The children’s programs at Blackburn Preschool are based on the knowledge that young children learn through play. We offer rich learning experiences to stimulate and engage children.

In order for children to learn effectively they need to:

Explore and discover;

Attempt and succeed;

Imagine and create.

To help children find out about the world around them and to find out about themselves, they are given the time and space required to explore, experiment, question and reflect.

We provide a safe and stimulating environment with open ended learning possibilities.

Our 3 and 4 year old programs aim to reflect children’s individual interests and learning styles, together with family and cultural backgrounds. Active listening and observation is valued by the teachers. Children explore hands-on, open-ended learning experiences, which aim to promote creativity, exploration, and respect for themselves, their world and each other. An important goal is for children to feel safe and secure within their learning environment.

Our preschool programs are enriched further by a variety of incursions and/or excursions and celebration days. These activities may vary from year to year to allow for the diversity of interests within groups of children to extend their learning opportunities.

Both 3 and 4 year old programs use the National Quality Frameworks, Early Years Learning Framework, and Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework to inform learning programs.


Our programs are informed by the Australian and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Frameworks.


2019 Weekly Timetable



Blackburn Preschool offers 22 places for 3 year olds in our Wombats group and 44 places for 4 year olds spread over our Frogs and Kookaburras groups.

For those families who need longer hours of care, we have a longstanding and proud relationship with The Avenue Neighbourhood House. Children are able to attend their occasional care program with a bus transfer to or from kindergarten.



Exceeding National Quality Standards

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is tasked with monitoring and assessing children’s education and care services across Australia.

In 2018 ACECQA assessed Blackburn Preschool as "Exceeding" the National Standards across all seven of the Quality Areas. We are very proud that our preschool community and the programs our teachers run have been recognised in this way.

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