(Left to right) Lisa Unwin, Katrina Girvan, Rachel Lunny, Kym Kishazi, Nadia Seymour, Julie Seidel

(Left to right) Lisa Unwin, Katrina Girvan, Rachel Lunny, Kym Kishazi, Nadia Seymour, Julie Seidel

Teaching Team

The programs at Blackburn Preschool are developed by fully qualified Pre School Teachers and are implemented with the co-operation of highly experienced Assistant Teachers, with a focus on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for children and families. Our Teachers employ a collaborative approach to program development guided by Mrs Kym Kishazi (Educational Leader) and Mrs Rachel Lunny (Team Leader). The programs are developed around the principles set out in the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework, with each of our teaching team bringing their unique talents and interests to the various sessions.

What our families say about our team…

Katrina Girvan – 3 year old Wombats Teacher

Having taught over a number of years at various primary schools Katrina brings to Blackburn Preschool a real love of engaging and teaching children. Her genuine care and affection for the children that she teaches allows the youngest members of our preschool to feel comfortable and welcome. This makes for an atmosphere that is always so notably settled, happy, relaxed and fun! For many years Katrina has been a welcome member of the preschool community as a parent, committee member and teacher.

Julie Seidel – 3 year old Wombats Educator

Julie completes our wombats team. Her calm and caring nature draws out an instant level of trust from the children allowing them to thrive in their wombats sessions. Her genuine love of the children complements that of Katrina’s and together they lead with a kind and gentle approach. Julie’s previous experience working with both 3 and 4 year old groups as well as an integration aid at primary school level has given her a wisdom for handling little personalities.

Rachel Lunny – 4 year old Frogs Teacher

A passionate and dedicated leader Rachel teaches with enthusiasm and a great awareness of everything going on in her classroom, we are sure she has eyes in the back of her head! An accomplished multi-tasker who is able to cope with the many competing demands of an active playroom of 4 year olds she is friendly, upbeat, warm and nurturing toward the children. Her deep love of nature and the outdoors has seen her drive to build and develop the preschool’s outdoor environment and allow children the freedom to explore and play in a wonderful natural setting.

Lisa Unwin – 4 year old Frogs Educator

Forming the second half of a united team with Rachel, Lisa has an unassuming nature, educating children with warmth and patience. With skill and a deft touch she supports the children, encouraging them to explore independently whilst always being there to quietly assist, ensuring the children are happy and activities run safely and smoothly. A great support to Rachel, Lisa is an invaluable member of the Frogs team and her knowledge has been integral to the preschool’s introduction of guinea pigs. Her dedication to her family translates into an understanding and support that she shows Blackburn Preschool families.

Kym Kishazi – 4 year old Kookaburras Teacher

Having taught for many years in a range of different primary and preschool settings Kym is a Blackburn local who provides a wealth of knowledge in early childhood education. Her expertise is evident during every single session and she is able to turn routine experiences into exciting learning opportunities for her beloved Kookaburras. It is this ability and passion to incorporate and build upon children’s interests that makes her a treasured member of the Blackburn Preschool community.

Nadia Seymour – 4 year old Kookaburras Educator

With an amazing ability to create a rapport with the children, Nadia’s generous spirit and level head allow each child to feel nurtured and encouraged, bringing out the best in each individual personality. Nadia’s own children attended Blackburn Preschool and we are very fortunate to have Nadia, with her experience and enthusiasm, as Educator in the Kookaburras group.