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Family Involvement

Blackburn Preschool welcomes and encourages families to participate in the preschool program as we believe that working in partnership with families increases positive outcomes for children. We respect that different families will choose to be involved in different ways.

There are many ways that families can be involved, including:

  • Being a member of the Committee of Management

  • Participation in the Friends of Blackburn Preschool Group

  • Participating in social events (play dates, parents coffee meetups)

  • Participating in fundraising events (Bunnings BBQ, cake stalls)

  • Contributing to working bees

  • Attending the annual Art Show and Mother’s/Father’s evenings

  • Participating in ‘Stay and Play’ opportunities

  • Bringing in recycled items for the children to use for craft/play activities

  • Attending information sessions, parent/teacher exchanges

  • Providing feedback on the kindergarten experience of their child or family

  • Supporting teachers and educators by contributing information about their child’s interests, strengths and needs

  • Working with teachers to set learning goals for their children

We welcome families to get in touch with the teaching staff or Committee of Management with any ideas about how their unique skills and knowledge can enrich the preschool program.

Please note that all kinder helpers are required to hold a valid Working With Children Check. The check is free for volunteers and more information is available here: