Preschool Management

Blackburn Preschool is managed by a voluntary Committee of Management (COM), which is elected from the parent group annually. The COM is made up of 12 voting members who meet monthly. The Committee supports the teaching team and program, manages the budget and takes responsibility for compliance with rules and regulations. There are a range of positions including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Enrolments, Grants, Marketing, Maintenance, Social and Fundraising.

Some responsibilities of the COM include:

  • Employment of staff and related issues (i.e. payment of salaries)

  • Setting and Collection of fees

  • Payment of preschool running costs incurred throughout the year

  • Managing the enrolments and the enrolment process

  • Maintenance of the building, grounds and equipment, and

  • Coordinating social and fundraising events for preschool families

In addition, there is also an opportunity for parents and carers to volunteer as a member of the ‘Friends of Blackburn Preschool’, which meet when needed to assist the Social and Fundraising Coordinators in organising specific events for the preschool community.

It is the dedication and enthusiasm of parent volunteers that make Blackburn Preschool such a vibrant and welcoming community. Parent participation is vital to the operation of the preschool and ensures that it is the Blackburn Preschool community that shapes our children’s learning environment. We welcome and greatly appreciate parent involvement.


A full set of policies are available to view at the preschool or policies can be emailed upon request.
They are also available in the password protected ‘BPS Families’ section of this website for current members of our community.