ABout Us

Blackburn Preschool is a community run preschool that is proud to have provided over 30 years of quality care and education from the same location. One of the lovely aspects of this long history is that we regularly have parents who attended themselves as children, returning with their children, giving pleasure to both parent and child.

Our Preschool continually builds on the excellent facilities and equipment inherited from previous years. This ensures that children at the preschool have a range of high quality equipment and materials that promote play and encourage learning.

Our Philosophy


  • We celebrate children as competent, capable and active learners.
  • Our educators are passionate, inspired and committed to excellence.
  • Our educational programs contribute to strong foundations for life-long learning.
  • We value diversity and recognise the unique set of values and beliefs that every child and their family bring with them, including Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
  • Play offers opportunities for children to actively explore, imagine, create and discover as they engage in learning.
  • Our practises encompass a range of curriculum approaches and are informed by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.
  • Parents and teachers work in collaboration to achieve positive outcomes.
  • We value and respect our natural environment and are inspired by its beauty.
  • The environment provokes children to wonder, discover and engage.
  • We revisit and reflect on our principles and practises.
  • We respect our rich history of being family focused and supported by a volunteer parent committee.
  • We are committed to establishing a positive legacy for our future children and their families.


Children in our programs are encouraged to

  • Explore their environment through play based experiences
  • Develop ideas and curiosity as a basis for future learning
  • Gain confidence and independence
  • Develop social skills, to learn respect for the rights of others, and learn conflict resolution through positive interaction
  • Have fun!!!