We warmly welcome children and their families to our

Blackburn Preschool Community

Blackburn Preschool, twice ranked Exceeding against the 7 National Quality Standards (2014 and 2018) is a high quality Kindergarten service which values play-based learning and the unique learning needs of each child in it's community.  Each year The Blackburn Preschool community enjoy an Art Show during which the children's work is displayed for family and friends to admire.  This event has been a major feature of the Blackburn Preschool calendar for 4 years.  Blackburn Preschool maintains strong connections with the local community including schools, community service organisations and local businesses.

Our preschool continually builds on the excellent facilities, ensuring that children have an exciting range of toys, equipment and activities with which to explore their own unique talents. Under the guidance of our professional and friendly teachers and educators, the children are engaged in a dynamic array of indoor and outdoor activities, including stories, drama, dance and movement, puzzles, craft and painting, sports, gardening and much more. Blackburn Preschool has a Sun-Smart policy and is recognised as a Sun-Smart Centre.

Blackburn Preschool acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.